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Mob AU 2/3

Title - War Isn’t Romance
Genre- Actor RPF
Pairing(s) - McFassy, Hiddlesworth
Rating - T might go up to M/NC-17
Warnings - Blood, Gangster Violence, Foul Language, Slash
Based off of this post (x)
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"We interrupt your normal broadcasting to bring you this breaking news. Authorities have found several bodies in an abandoned factory parking area. The victims were brutally murdered with a firearm. There was one vehicle on the scene, a black SUV. No word on who it belongs to. Authorities suspect the assailant to have been one person, however some evidence suggests another. After identity confirmation, detectives have concluded this to be the result of gang violence. If you have any info-"

The television was abruptly shut off before the blonde newscaster could say anymore. A large, hulking man stood by the TV, finger just leaving the power button as he turned around and faced the man on the leather chair. This man was leaning forward on a oak desk, elbows on the wood and fingers entertwined in front of his mouth. A look a intense concentration covered his gentle features.

"They need to controlled." His voice was deep, an English accent attached to it. His blue green eyes rose to meet his companions.

He needs to be controlled. James has done nothing.” The larger man walked up to the desk and just stood there, cerulean blue eyes framed by feather blonde eyelashes looking down at the man.

"Exactly, Chris. He has done nothing. I think he enjoys seeing Michael riled up like that, all bloody and raging.” This drew a deep chuckle from the blonde man as he walked around the desk and put his arms on the others shoulders.

"You can’t deny the attraction in that, Tommy. I can remember multiple nights, coming back with the stench of blood on my clothes and death in the air. You attacked me, already so hot and wanting-“

Tommy, a nickname, grabbed the wandering hands that were leaving a burning trail down his suit covered chest and brought them up to his lips, placing kisses on the knuckles before leaning back and looking up at Chris.

"That’s different, love. You were supposed to go on a rampage. I ordered you too.” He smiled and wrapped his spider-like fingers around Chris’ neck and tugged him down, capturing his lips in a deep, passionate kiss before letting him go. “Michael was supposed to get the goods and bring them back, no death required.”

Chris hummed and turned the chair around, not minding that it wasn’t a swivel chair. He placed his hands on the arms of the chair and leaned over Tom, desire already taking over the blue depths he called eyes. He went down further, enjoying the little moan Tom let out as their lips connected again, slow and sensual in their kiss. Tom brought his arms up and tangled his fingers in Chris’ hair, pulling lightly as he deepened the kiss. Chris smirked and brought his knee up, placing it on the cushion between Tom’s ever-spread legs and gently rubbing his thigh. Before he could get any further with his teasing, Tom roughly yanked his head back and stood up, keeping Chris low as he spoke.

"When they come in I want them gagged and bound. Knock them out if you have to, just have them in the basement by the time I get back from Godfather tomorrow evening." He pushed Chris to the ground and walked across the room, grabbing his coat from the rack and his gun from the table next to it. As he was checking to see if the gun was loaded he turned back to Chris who was standing now, one arm on the desk to steady himself. He looked to him briefly and cocked the gun before pocketing it.

"Smack Michael around too. Keep him silent until I return." The door shut behind him and Chris was left alone.

"Sure thing, boss." He said to no one as he shrugged his shoulders to get the kinks out. "Anything for you." He smiled, a big, bright, toothy smile that spelled trouble.


"Honey, we’re home!" Michael sang as he kicked the front door open and dropped both suitcases to the floor. James came up behind and sighed, pushing his sunglasses up to nestle in his hair. He gently pushed Michael out of the way and was about to go up the stairs when Chris blocked his path. He looked up at the giant and then swept his gaze around the room, noticing the other men that had gathered.

"I’m guessing Thomas didn’t like it." Chris gazed down at the Scottish man and shook his head, then nodding to the men that had gotten behind Michael. They took their cue and hit over the head with the handle of a shotgun, catching him as he fell.

James glanced at Michael as they hauled him up and carried him into the adjoining room where the door to the basement was. He pinched the bridge of his nose and held his hands up, wrists together.

"Just get it over with then."

Everyone chose to ignore the very unmanly squeak James let out as Chris picked him up like a sack of potatoes carried him fireman style down to the basement.

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